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About Community Service Help

Our organization was founded to provide alternative means of community service for members of society who need rehabilitation. Illinois Community Service strives to be a positive influence on every one of our clients lives by offering them an opportunity to better themselves and improve their lives.

Our non profit partners believe that a positive influence on the life of someone who has made a mistake is profoundly more impactful then negative reinforcement. Punishment only upsets individuals while a positive rehabilitation program actually makes them a better person. This positive impact is facilitated through education leaving every criminal offender that completed our program with new skills and a brighter outlook of their future. Investing in someones future is a long term solution to crime in our nation whereas traditional community service is a band-aid punishment that is not improving society.

Our progressive view of community service has gotten us praise from the news, 1,000's of happy clients and helped those individuals improve their lives and better their communities.

We Will Save You Money

Traditional volunteering programs and often lead to unexpected road blocks and high costs. Gas prices aren't going down and missed work can make traditional community service extremely expensive. Tim came to us needed to fulfill 90 hours of community service for an Illinois court. He was having trouble finding transportation, a babysitter, and even a place that would accept him in the first place. By using our service Tim was able to do his community service online through education and saved over $1,650 in expenses by doing his service from home. Rock on Tim!

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